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Traducere în limba engleză – Letiția Goia

These only seemingly genuine stories that we almost hear while reading are real parables with oriental epic iridescences. The Ear and the Eye of the  receiver connect because the writing itself  is impregnated and unfolds as an extension of the utterance about the events that took place on the “other shore”. Moreover, the strange births, the motley  fauna, the picaresque side of the visionaries, and the unseen events are addressed to the adults but maybe also to the other age groups enchanted by the fantastic ingredient.

Mircea Muthu

The Fear

They were the last days of spring when the whole country celebrated. The chicks were starting to hatch. Each nest was adorned in anticipation of the moment. No more chirping could be heard throughout the country. The birds and the sun froze. At long last, the first soft, anemic and fearful peck was heard, then another and others and the whole countryseemed to begin to creak and crack in egg shardsfrom which opened hungry, numberless mouths in an uproar of high peeps and feathers flying towards the sky in a euphoria of trills.


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